Commission a Portrait

A portrait will last a lifetime. Have a portrait done of yourself, a loved one, or a pet. Send a photo of the subject for a free quote. If you want a portrait please send a close up of the subjects head and torso Here.

Portraits by Patrick Colton, Artist/Owner.

Art Workshops

Wellness Through Art offers workshops for all kinds of events and and areas of Wellness.

Find out more by signing up for our free newsletter. You can also come join our free Wellness Through Art Workshop for Trauma. All art supplies are provided. Come experience the healing of art in our safe, non-clinical classroom. Peers only please. Clinicians please feel free to request more information.

Original artwork prints by Patrick Colton.

Shop oiginal artwork prints by Patrick Colton, a local artist here in Portland, Maine.

Wellness Through Art

"Everybody's recovering from something." - Patrick Colton.

Originally launched in 2016, Wellness Through Art is a dream and vision of Patrick Colton, Artist, Musician & Wellness Advocate,

"Trauma is something we all deal with, and we all deal with it differently. We are creatures that are designed to bond; and if we cannot bond with other people because our bonds are broken due to trauma, we bond with something else... like alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gambling, etc. The opposite of addiction is not Sobriety... It's human connection."

Wellness Through Art provides a safe, non-clinical place where peers can connect through art, share their worldview, develop mutual relationships & learn together as they move towards their dreams & visions.

"Serene.", Oil pastel by Patrick Colton.

"Sober? The next step is 'Emotional Sobriety.' " - Dan M.

"Show me who you hang out with and i'll tell you who you are!?" - Michael R.

Wellness through art. Patrick Colton, Artist, Musician & Wellness Advocate.

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